About Us

Energy, Materials & Sustainability Consulting, LLC (EMS Consulting) is a consultancy with expertise in the following topical areas:

          • Sustainability, including the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards for "green" buildings

             and related facility planning.

          • Energy efficiency and conservation as it applies to buildings and manufacturing processes.

          • Materials and Clean Manufacturing, including process mapping, materials efficiency calculations, Lean Manufacturing,

             and Green Supplier Network projects.

          • Management Systems, including international standards for managing energy, environmental affairs, food safety and

             health and safety (ISO 50k, 14k, 22k, and 18k respectively).

          • Regulatory compliance, including environmental (air, water, solid waste, etc.) and occupational safety and health      

             (OSHA) and the US DOT HazMAT regulations.

Founded in 2012, EMS Consulting is a fledgling company, but it is long on experience in its core competencies. EMS Consulting's staff and partners have dozens of years in business collectively and individually and Warren J. Weaver, its founder, has provided services to over 800 companies, all just in the last 20 years. EMS Consulting's network partners have more than doubled this record of clients' services.  The experience gained from this consulting work has honed EMS Consulting's product offerings so that useful services are relevant to clients' needs. These services enable clients to continually improve in areas such as materials and energy efficiency, regulatory compliance, management system conformance and sustainability, including environmental, social, energy and, yes, even financial.

Not only do our clients benefit by implementing our various point-source solutions, but we help them understand their specific, strategic needs in a complex and rapidly changing business environment.

EMS Consulting's Weaver is an ISO 14001-environmental management system (EMS) auditor and ISO 50001-energy management system (EnMS) auditor (RABQSA #051734).

Contact us to discuss how we can best assist your company.